Top Adilas WP Shop FAQ’s

Adilas WP Shop is a wordpress plugin that connects Adilas (software as a service) to your Word Press and WooCommerce e-commerce website. This allows your e-commerce site to show live inventory directly from your Adilas inventory control system and for online orders placed online to be created in the Adilas Point of Sale system. The Adilas WP Shop e-commerce wordpress plugin is available to be purchased here.

Adilas is a business software that is often called the “most complete out of the box solution available”. Not only does it offer options for inventory tracking, manufacturing records, scheduling and point of sale, Adilas also offers e-commerce and a full financials platform. Read more about Adilas, software as a service (SAAS)  here.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows your basic WordPress website to become an e-commerce site. WooCommerce offers numerous options for managing your e-commerce site and creating the perfect customer user interface.  

Adilas WP Shop is a great option for any company that needs more from their e-commere website than the very basic functionality offered by Adilas or WooCommerce alone. If you are using WooCommerce and looking for a robust enterprise resource planning system (ERP), consider using adilas and Adilas WP Shop. If you are currently using adilas, WooCommerce and looking to upgrade your ecommerce,  WooCommerce and Adilas WP Shop combine are some of the best solutions for an ecommerce website. 

Adilas WP Shop connects Adilas ecommerce (which is free with Adilas) to your WordPress and WooCommerce website. WooCommerce provides numerous options for customization while Adilas WP Shop is communicating with Adilas to keep your inventory up to date. Adilas is a simple solution that offers some custom options on a set template where Adilas WP Shop offers options that allows you to control the look and feel of the entire user experience. Adilas WP Shop also allows your product details to be displayed on your domain, keeping users on your website and increasing the value of your website. 

  1. It will keep customers on your website (your domain, increasing the value of your website).

  2. It will increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  3. It saves time and money by automating product details from your point of sale system.

  4. It automates "suggestions and related items" "popular items" and customer online trend tracking. 

  5. It allows you to customize your shop home page, easily feature products on any website pages, blogs, etc, and track customers online activities. 

  6. You can customize the shop home page, grouping categories or offer online exclusive discounts. 

  7. Creates a more customizable, easier and more secure user and sign in experience. 

  8. Offers businesses more options for integrating and automating text, email and other CRM functionalities.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. This is the idea that you can maximize the amount of users who visit your site by making sure you show up at the top of search engine results. By using WordPress, WooCommerce and Adilas WP Shop you will be able to design your site to maximize SEO. 

Adilas WP Shop will communicate with your Adilas system every 5 minutes after a user visits your site to update inventory categories, items, quantities, descriptions, images in WooComerce.

Yes, with the help of a tool called the “Inventory Category Buffer” you can ensure that inventory is not shown once the count gets too low.

Accordion Sample Description

Yes, with the help of a tool called the “Inventory Category Buffer” you can ensure that inventory is not shown once the count gets too low.

To display multiple locations you would need multiple Adilas WP Shop subscriptions, one for each location. You will also want a separte WooCommerce instance, which means you will want a subdomain for each location / shop you have.

Yup Customers can easily leave reviews while viewing any item in your shop. This will help SEO alot!

Yes, like with any WordPress website, the theme can be changed and customized. There are a number of prebuilt themes available and obviously we have suggestions for the themes that play best with your online store and plugins.

  1. Category and Product Images

  2. Categories - Will automatically be created and can be edited within WooCommerce. A Adilas Category ID becomes part of the WooCommerce record. Adilas Category Status 1 indicates a category is set to “show on web” within adilas. Adilas Category Status 0 indicates a category has been set to “hide on web” within adilas. 

  3. Category thresholds

  4. Product ID’s - Custom fields are generated in WooCommerce Products to store adilas product ids

  5. Product Quantities

  6. Sub Attributes

  7. Customer Types

  8. Invoices and Quotes

  9. Customers and Users

  10. Taxes
  11. Item Weights

And more 🙂



  1. Purchase Adilas WP Shop. 

  2. Install Adilas WP Shop from your WordPress Plugin Page by uploading the ZIP File. 

  3. In your WordPress Dashboard Click on “WooAdilas”

  4. Click on Configurations. The Help File will help you understand where configuration requirements can be retrieved.  

  1. First go to “Corp Wide Settings” in Adilas.

  2. Then choose “More Options”.

  3. Choose “API Socket Settings” from the menu. 

  4. Create a username and password. 

  5. Select Submit to save.


We suggest you set up a separate user named “Online User”. This is the user name that online quotes or invoices will be created under.

This will automatically be generated once configuration is complete. This will allow access to category and product images stored in Adilas.

“Category thresholds” in Adilas allow you to set the limit at which items will no longer show on the web by category. “Inventory thresholds” in Adilas WP Shop build on top of that by allowing you to set a limit that applies to all categories simultaneously.

In Adilas WP Shop configurations you can select a default customer type for new customers being added to adilas when new accounts are set up through your website.


Choose if you would like a quote or an invoice to be created in Adilas when a customer completes an online order. 

Plugin Logs can be found within the Adilas WP Shop Plugin Settings. Logs show you each time Adilas WP Shop runs to sync Adilas and Woocomerce. Details for each data point called displays a time stamp and description of method (call) made.

This button within the Adilas WP Shop Plugin settings is a manual tool for syncing. The system automatically syncs every five minutes, but if you want it faster, simply click the button and Adilas WP Shop will instantly check for any changes to current product details or new products. Depending on how many products you have, this may take a few seconds or a few minutes to run.

WooCommerce will allow you to set up a delivery fee.

This is not an option for Adilas e-commerce but will be soon for Adilas WP Shop. We are currently working on a solution to this need. 


You will need a separate Adilas WP Shop plugin for each corp.

Adilas WP Shop syncs automatically every 5 minutes so it should not be necessary to manually sync. That said, manual sync might be used when adding a new product to your site for the first time in order to see it faster.

Adilas WP Shop has automatic discount options and coupon code functionality available.

The customer’s username and password will be managed by WordPress and shared to WooCommerce, through Adilas WP Shop and into Adilas. Customer passwords will not be stored in Adilas.

You will need an Adilas system and a WordPress website, with WooCommerce plugged in before configuration can begin. The Adilas WP Shop plugin has a $1000 signup fee and costs $250 a month. That comes with 5 hours of consultation time for setup and implementation. This will help you get started on the right foot.

A common reason an order might be placed under the wrong customers name is that both customers have the same phone number listed in thier customer profile.

When an order is placed online, an email is sent containing the order and customer details.
If you receive an order email but can't find the matching quote in Adilas, check the customers User profile in WordPress.

Locate the "Adilas Customer ID" in the "Adilas Customer Data" section. If the phone number matches another customer, this customer ID could be wrong.

To find out, copy the "Adilas Customer ID". Go to the Adilas Quick Search and choose "Customer" (or "Patient") from the menu. Paste the "Adilas Customer ID" you copied into the search field and click "Go". Adilas will pull up the customer details associated with that customer ID.

If the search returns the wrong customer details, the "Adilas Customer ID" will need to be corrected in WordPress. To do this you first need to locate the correct customer ID. In Adilas, perform a search for the correct customer. Once located, copy the customer ID. Then paste it into the "Adilas Customer ID" field in WordPress and select "Update User" at the bottom of the page to save.