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5 Reasons to Choose an Adilas WP Shop E-Commerce Solution

Adilas WP Shop

An Adilas WP Shop E-Commerce Solution is an affordable way to get all the customization and options you need from your online business presence. 

With so many options available for E-Commerce it is easy to get confused when choosing the right option for your business. If you are using Adilas those options are narrowed down significantly but choosing can still be difficult. Spend the time to decide what you really need from your online business presence so you can make the most informed decision.

What is Adilas WP Shop?

Adilas WP Shop is a plugin that connects Adilas (software as a service) to your WordPress and WooCommerce e-commerce website. This allows your e-commerce site to show live inventory directly from your Adilas inventory control system, or POS, and for orders placed online to be created in the Adilas Point of Sale (POS) system.

Reasons to Choose an Adilas WP Shop E-Commerce Solution

1. Manage Your Inventory and Your WordPress Website

Adilas is a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that comes with an out of box e-commerce solution. An Adilas WP Shop E-Commerce upgrade means you can use the traffic from your own site, your own custom domain name and product descriptions to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO).

2. So Much Customization

One of the great things about an Adilas WP Shop e-commerce plugin is that it comes with all the customization functionality of WordPress and WooCommerce. This allows you to build a site that fits your e-commerce needs exactly. From the layout and colors to the entire user experience, you can customize each detail. You can customize Adilas for all of your business needs.

3. It Is Affordable

The Adilas WP Shop plugin is a one time charge of $750 making it easily one of the most affordable options for upgrading your E-Commerce experience. Paired with the scaleable and flexible rates, this solution offers competitive pricing for small and large businesses.

4. An Adilas WP Shop E-Commerce Solution Is Easy to Manage

Once set up Adilas WP Shop is easy to maintain. Just enter products, descriptions and prices one time in Adilas and they will appear on your website. Customer information and orders are automatically sent to Adilas as well. Should you run into any problems, we offer a FAQ and Technical Support Documents for any questions you might have.  

5. Maximize SEO

Using other third party solutions or softwares to manage your online menu will reduce the value of your website and therefore your business. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. In other words, “SEO” involves making certain changes to your website design and content that make your site more attractive to a search engine. “SEO” is the process that organizations go through to help make sure that their site ranks high in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.

If You’re Not on Page 1, You’re Not Winning the Click – It’s no secret in the world of SEO that if you’re not on Page 1, you’re likely not killing the organic search game. A recent study shows that the first three organic search ranking positions result in nearly 40 percent of all click-throughs, while up to 30 percent of all results on Page 1 and 2 don’t get clicked at all. What does this mean? Two things: If you’re not on Page 1, you need to be and there are still too many instances when a user types a search query and can’t find exactly what they are looking for.

An Adilas WP Shop E-Commerce Solution allows you to maximize SEO for your site in order to help you get to the top of the list and drive traffic to your site. 

Let Us Help!

We are here for you for every question you might have, from Adilas E-Commerce options to Adilas WP Shop Set up. We can help as much or as little as you need. Contact us today to get started!

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